Friday, November 10, 2006

Spurs in Left Winger Shock?

Well according to the Guardian Spurs have signed a left winger, and even more shockingly beaten our North London rivals to the signature (and Wigan). His name is Leonardo Vitor Santiago, he is Brazilian and currently plays for NAC Breda in Holland. He was previously at Feyenoord where he had issues with his coach and was forced out. His contract at Breda is running out at the end of the season, allowing Spurs to nip in with a nominal fee in January.

All sounds good. He’s obviously a risk given his temperament, and being Brazilian will no doubt be typecast as soft and not suited to the hurly-burly of the English game, but for a nominal fee the risk is minimal, and presumably BMJ knows of him at least, and is confident he can keep him on a tight leash. Mido came with a similar reputation for falling out with coaches and being difficult to handle but he’s been OK at Spurs, at least in public, and Jol was confident enough to sign him permanently in the summer.

This assist he made whilst at Feyenoord shows some nice ability, and he would be a most welcome addition at the Lane, especially if Spurs can sort it out so that he arrives on January 1st so we can have him as soon as possible, and then he can play in the FA Cup and hopefully start by terrorising some lower division defence to ease him in. As usual we will have to wait for Comolli’s comments on the official website before celebrating too much, so in the meantime lets keep fingers crossed that he is the one. Will he be the first Brazilian at White Hart Lane?

The Waddler.