Friday, November 03, 2006

Berbs Bashes Brugge

Spurs edged a little closer to Glasgow in May last night with a good 3-1 win over a reasonable Club Brugge side at White Hart Lane to take us top of Group B. Another excellent performance from €15m summer signing Dimitar Berbatov was the highlight of the evening, scoring two lovely goals and setting up the other with an exquisite pass to an otherwise off colour Robbie Keane to fire home.

Brugge had taken the lead with a nice goal from Salou, and the Spurs faithful were briefly silenced. The away support Brugge brought with them was excellent and very noisy indeed, often drowning out the Park Lane and Paxton choral societies. It wasn’t until Spurs got the third that they shut up, and by then they and their players knew the game was up.

BMJ opted for Lennon on the left again with Ghaly on the right. The problem with that though is that Lennon doesn't get to the byline on the left and just cuts inside. Its plain he can't shoot, and he ends up knocking it square to JJ or Zokora or back to BAE. Berbatov is wasted without crosses, and unless Lennon is on the right he won’t get any from him. Surely Ghaly could do what he does on the left and let Lennon fly down the right? It’s blunting our main weapon playing him on the left. It’s like taking the jam out of your doughnut; it’s still a doughnut and better than not having one, but it could be so much better.

Anyway, that was really the only downer on a good night, and its pleasing to see the forwards scoring at last. Berbatov now leads the charts with 4 this season, followed by Keane, Defoe and Mido all on three. Now if they can all start doing it in the league we may be able to see the name Tottenham Hotspur in the top half rather than the bottom. At least we’re reminding Europe that we’re back, and stating our intent to reclaim our rightful place at the table.

The Waddler.