Friday, September 08, 2006

New and Improved - Mido Lite!

Having mentioned in the Summer Transfer Window Review that there was a preference for a Mido resembling himself from the earlier part of last season (i.e. thin) rather than the chap that came back from Egypt in January (i.e. injured and rather larger); it looks like The Waddler’s wish has been granted – and then some! Apparently he has lost 22lbs over the summer in a bid to be as competitive as possible for Spurs, and for this he should be applauded. It is refreshing in the modern game for someone not only to talk about his desire to play for a club, but also to show this by clearly working his proverbials off to get into the best possible shape.

He also sounds very positive and realistic about his prospects as one of four strikers at the club: “This season we play European football and hopefully there will be many, many more matches, maybe 50 or more. If I can play 35 to 40 matches and score 20 goals; that will be a successful season for me.” The fact that Berbatov is injured, and looks doubtful for tomorrow’s game, shows just why the club has bought him. Going to Old Trafford with Keane & Defoe up front limits the team’s options; with Mido there, we have an aerial threat to add to either Keane’s movement and creativity or Defoe’s speed and lethal shooting. That he was only on loan last season and half of the previous one meant that The Waddler couldn’t fully allow Mido a place in the Circle of Trust, but if he can score goals like those from this time last year, and stay in shape, then a Mido 11 shirt could be on the Xmas list!

The Waddler.