Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Welcome to The Waddler!

The Waddler’s first post should explain that this blog will be a look at Tottenham Hotspur, past and future, but mainly present. We can not forget what has gone before however, and watching the current team it is clear to The Waddler that Big Martin Jol’s side is crying out for some wing wizardry on the left hand side to complement little Aaron’s speed and lightening feet on the right. What price would Chrissie Waddle fetch now? Stewart Downing? Not fit to comb the great man’s mullet.

To watch the mighty Chris Waddle in his prime, plying his trade for Tottenham Hotspur was an honour. Very few players in history could match his dribbling skills (remember the way he would drop his shoulder and sail past the defender as if they were not there?), shooting ability (how about the chip out of the mud at the Dell?) and of course that languid walk of his, feigning indifference before splicing the opposition defence open with a mazy run, or killer pass.

If you don’t remember, perhaps you should go out and buy some videos of Spurs in the 80s. If you do, The Waddler suspects that you too would pay anything to slot the great man on the left hand side of the current midfield.

The Waddler.