Thursday, December 07, 2006

THFC Share Price Heads North

Something is afoot at THFC Plc, as the share price has gone through the roof this week. The FT is speculating that the move is due to Liverpool’s proposed takeover by the Dubai group but can this really be the case? Football clubs are being taken over all the time – why didn’t the price rocket when West Ham were taken over or Aston Villa for that matter?

The preference shares have traded at the exact same price from January up until last week, but this week are up more than 12%. The main shares are now at levels not seen since before the internet bubble burst in 2000 taking all the FTSE down with them. They have now massively out-performed the FTSE All Share this year, so its not just a case of all boats rising with the tide. The volumes are far higher than usual too, with more shares changing hands than normal.

There’s something in this, possibly to do with property deals, or maybe someone has got a whiff of a takeover approach? Who knows, maybe some news will emerge soon.

The Waddler.