Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Martin Jol and his remote controls

Poor old Martin Jol he will be sat at home this evening, flicking through the channels with his vast array of remotes that control all the satellite dishes attached to his Chigwell mansion, hoping and praying that his troops come back from foreign fields unscathed and ready for battle against Villa on Saturday. With the news that Ledley King has been sent home with his dodgy knee, it shows just how easily a manager’s plans can be unravelled by things beyond his control. The good news is that Ledders should be OK for Saturday, but it must be a worry that he can’t play more than one match a week at the moment, and if things continue Spurs will need to be buying a replacement sharpish.

So BMJ will be watching Croatia v England to keep an eye on Robbo, and maybe tune in towards the end to see if Jermain Defoe is unleashed, or JJ chucked on for another token cap. He will also have an eye on Robbie Keane in the Ireland v Czech Republic match tonight, hoping and praying he can find a goal that reignites his season. Now if he has a really big dish he may be able to pick up Bulgaria v Luxembourg, and have a look at Dimitar Berbatov hopefully filling his boots against the minnows of Europe. In many ways this is the most interesting game for the Big Man to tune into, as if Berbs can re-find his goal touch and come away unscathed it will be a real blessing for Spurs. A quick hat-trick and Bulgaria five or six up the manager can then withdraw our new hero and keep him wrapped up for Saturday. That would be nice.

With half the team in action tonight, and the other half hanging out in the treatment room it is going to be a nerve racking evening for the Spurs boss, and the fans.

The Waddler.